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The summer development program is intended for serious ball players, seeking personal development to acquire the skills needed for better performance and the metrics needed to continue playing at higher levels of todays game. For 12 years, Performance Edge has been a leader in player development, training and developing professional baseball players, college and high school players and implementing training programs appropriate for youth players. We excel in the development of pitchers, hitters, velocity gains, remote training services and personalized training program design. We separate ourselves thru the process of player evaluations, utilization of technology and data to guide and validate the process and a strong culture of support and accountability for our athletes.

Simply stated, we develop baseball players; built on the foundations of athlete/staff relationships and our process towards development.

2024 Summer Program Registration Form
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Our training programs give players the opportunity to focus on personal development with a long term or intermediate focus. With most athletes chasing the dream of being a collegiate or professional player, its essential every athlete finds the appropriate time and resources for adequate skill and prospect tool development . Performance Edge will evaluate each athlete, communicating their current placement in the recruiting process amongst their peers. Our job is to design a development plan for each athlete, creating a process that assists in achieving their ultimate goals.

At HTL Athletics, our mission is to empower young individuals within the exhilarating world of sports training. We strive to cultivate a dynamic environment where passion meets purpose, enabling athletes to unlock their full potential and lead the charge towards excellence. Our 28,000 square-foot facility will provide everything an athlete needs to support their individual goals. Hate To Lose more than you love to win. Sign up to experience the difference. 

1315 Cardiff Rd. Brookshire, TX 77423

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2024 Summer Program Registration Form


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Click Here For Registration and Pricing
Click Here For Registration and Pricing

High energy program that incorporates full player evaluations, including; mobility screens, biomechanical evaluation, and strength/power testing. Our velocity program has been a staple of Performance Edge for years, helping hundreds of athletes gain and sustain velocities that play in the field and on the mound. Teaching the arm to work fast with ideal timing, produces an efficient arm action that creates higher velocities, improved command, effective secondary pitches, and enhances the ability to recover. There’s no way around it, higher velocities in the field and on the mound play at the next level.

  • High energy training environment
  • Programs designed for pitchers and position players
  • Arm action and path efficiency
  • Create a fast motor and energy connection
  • Proper blend patterns to carry over velocity gains to the mound

As you know, shoulder and elbow injuries have been on a steady rise for the last 10 years for amateur and professional athletes.  There are several known risk factors; volume of pitching, year round baseball programs, and inadequate strength/recovery programs. Throwing with soreness and pitching with pain have become a common occurrence in amateur sports. To be clear, although this has become common, THIS IS NOT NORMAL AND SHOULD NOT BE SOMETHING THAT AMATEUR ATHLETES HAVE TO ENDURE. What an athlete feels today, will impact his success tomorrow.

  • Eliminate pain eliminate soreness
  • Learn the proper techniques to keep your arm healthy
  • Access to advanced recovery tools
  • Train the body to withstand the stresses of a high volume throwing workload
  • Daily in facility and take home recovery programs designed for each athlete